Matt Chinian

Matt ChinianMatt Chinian is located at 138 West Main Street, Cambridge, NY.
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Landscape Paintings

Matt Chinian  2015

My work is about being in one place at one time and looking at what I see. This process I engage in: the choosing of the scene, composing, and painting is straightforward enough. Indeed, I tell myself “just get out of the way” so that the processes of looking, mixing color, and putting it on the panel become second nature, without over thinking or self-consciousness. You’d think this meditative process would lead to a nirvana-like state, and it does, but it’s not pure. I’m constantly fighting with real world thoughts and concerns: most often I am muttering profanities under my breath in an attempt to control what’s going on: I can’t, and what you see here is what happened.

Contact him by phone: home, 518-677-2218 there is a machine, or his cell    518-708-0759